Friday, March 04, 2005

Je Ne Pourrait Pas Demande Plus

Yesterday, I came home from work to my wonderfully handsome and romantic husband. Now that would have been more than enough to make my heart beat faster, but there was more... He gave me red roses (my favourite!) and a card too romantic to be true. Although Les does not profess to speak French (except for the word 'fromage'), he had written the card completely en francais (as he says, "in the language of love"). His words were full of beauty and meaning:) Later, as I was gushing to a dear friend-sister of mine, he commented 'if you don't use your French you'll lose it!' Ha! :) (particularly in light of the fact that he had worked so hard that day to learn these phrases just for me!:) J'apprecie et adore vous, Les, mes beau amour! Vorte l-amour de mon vie! Je ne pourrait pas demande plus!!

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