Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Amazing Race

Yes, even we have succumbed to watching this show when we get the chance. We only saw the last half this week, but finally, there was a race. Les often says that it isn't truly a 'race' because when a team gets wayyyy ahead, that lead is often equalized by the doors not opening at their destination until 8 the next morning, or there being only 2 flights to wherever they are going. Still, I think that's a lot like's not always the fastest that win the race!

This time around Les & I haven't really picked a favourite team to win....we're actually ok with most of them winning, except for Rob & Amber (so underhanded and mean sometimes), and Ray & Deana (we didn't like how he treated her or the other teams). Ray & Deana were eliminated this week...and finally there was an actual race to the finish, with the brothers who had a huge set back by rolling their vehicle, making up time in their completion of the detour and catching up to Ray & Deana in a foot race to the matt. Now that was a race!

Dear friends of ours have recently gotten back from a mission trip to Haiti, and their experiences have gotten me to thinking of how they would be on The Amazing Race. In truth Elizabeth & Neil are an ideal couple and I'm sure they would do well in the race, not only because they are smart, but they travel well together, they respect each other to the max, and they are kind to others....traits that I think mean the most in the race.

Who do you think would do well in the race?

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