Tuesday, March 23, 2004

24’’ front suspension girls’ bike for 10 to 15-year-olds
Carbolite girls’ specific frame: safe, easy mounting and dismounting
Specific components and accessories will please girls’ tastes
15 speed micro-shift: SHIMANO quality derailleur

This is Amanda's new bike. She just turned 9 but is very tall, so already needs a 24" frame. We've been looking at this particular bike since December when her great uncle sent some money towards it's purchase for Christmas. We thought we'd hold off until spring for two reasons...to get Amanda more used to and excited about the idea of a bike....and to see if it went on sale. On the weekend, as I was doing my shopping, I couldn't believe my eyes, not only was the bike on sale ($80 off), but it was exactly the amount of money we had set aside for it! God is good! Now...if only we can support Amanda's interest and success with it! You see, last year Amanda was against ever riding a bike. When she was very little she had a small bike and had a spill off of it at grandma's once and never tried again. So, in essence, we have to teach her (at 9) from scratch how to ride a bike, and I doubt that we can get training wheels to fit a 24" frame?! I'm praying that it will come very naturally to her and that she will have instant success to keep up her interest and bravery in trying. If any of you have any suggestions on teaching her or making this a positive experience to her, please let me know.

When Amanda wasn't interested in learning to ride a bike, I kept encouraging her about it because I didn't want her to miss out on it...the fun, the freedom...plus I was concerned that she might get left behind by friends or her class if she didn't ride too. I don't want to change who she is. It's ok with me if she never rides a bike, but as her parent, I feel like it's a lifeskill and I need to at least try to encourage her with it

For her birthday last month, her nana and pappa gave her a bike backpack with accessories including knee pads and elbow pads (princess theme), and her Uncle Brian gave her a Barbie gel bike seat. Hopefully these things will make her experience more comfortable and fun!

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