Friday, March 12, 2004

Sacred Spaces

My dear friend (and oh so much more!), Elizabeth, told me about a wonderful site for devotion and prayer is called Sacred Spaces. It is a prayer site run by Irish Jesuits. I did today's prayer and was wonderful! Here is the description of what this week's devotions are about:

"The scripture passages this week all have to do with contrasts: mountain-top experience and suffering, judging and being judged, exalting and humbling myself, being lost and found. And the thread running through it all is trust in God. Not the feeling of trust. The transfiguration is at the same time a foretelling of Jesus death. That shows us clearly what a switchback ride our feelings can give us. Trust is a deeply instinctive need in our human relationships, and in our relationship with God. But my trust in the Church and in Christians may have left me with wounds rather than peace. Now is a time where I can ask God for the grace to take a small, concrete step in trusting him again."

The site provided wonderful inspiration and aid to preparing my heart to read God's Word followed by contemplative prayer.

About Elizabeth

Above I described Elizabeth as my dear friend (and so much more)....I want to explain what I mean by that. You see, Elizabeth was my mentor as I stepped into ministry at the Church. She would coach me and encourage me and teach me, and I wanted to grow up to be just like her in many ways. She has also been like a sister to often sharing with me wisdom and memories passed down from her own parents. I remember one afternoon when I was included in a lunch with her and her two sisters. There was a picture of her parents on the table. Oh the stories they told and the heart-knowledge I gained that day! I believe Elizabeth's parents were the two wisest people I never met. What a priviledge to be included in a day like that! Elizabeth is also like a mother to me. She has watched out for and over me. It was she who gave me the 'mother/daughter talk' before my wedding. Elizabeth is also a pastor to me. She is the one who married my husband and I, and she and her husband provided our pre-marital councelling and continue to connect with us that way. And Elizabeth is also my dear friend. Just seeing her makes me smile, and she always has a warm hug. She is, indeed, an extraordinary woman, and I am so blessed to really know her!

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