Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Last night I played with my barbies...

After my workout last night, my parents stopped by to drop off my barbies from when I was a little girl. I had saved them in a trunk in an outdoor shed by their house. I have asked if we could dig them out ever since I got married, thinking that perhaps Amanda would enjoy playing with Mommie's barbie stuff. It was so sweet to see that stuff again! I have so many memories of hours upon hours spent playing and imagining! I didn't have many barbie dolls as a little girl. I had a Barbie and a Ken, and I had a Barbie-like doll that my great aunt brought me back from Hawaii and then I had a Marie Osmond doll! I couldn't believe when we found the Marie doll last night...she was just as I remembered! You see, when I was little, I wanted to grow up to BE Marie Osmond! I would sing into my skipping rope and croon out "Paper Roses...." I always thought she was so beautiful.

When I was a little girl, you didn't have a different Barbie for everything you wanted her to do (like they do today) just changed her clothes. The suitcase of my Barbie clothes we went through last night was priceless...many items were home-made or knit. I remember my mom always telling me that the doll clothes in the store were too expensive! I found many outfits that I'd made for myself...some by hand with a needle and thread! (amazing they are still together?!)

Usually every Christmas I would receive something for my Barbie...often something new to play with her year it was a country town home, one year a camper, one year a cruise ship (my sister went on a cruise that year), one year it was a blow up swimming pool, one year a ski village (I think that was an Olympic year), and one year a motorhome. They are all there! their 70's/80's glory (lots of yellows, oranges and browns used in decorating....I remember even then thinking they should use more pink!)

Anyway, it was wonderful to stroll down memory lane in my mind and remember all of those dreams and hopes and wishes! This morning, I let Amanda take a peak at what was there before she went off to school. I wasn't sure if she'd really like it all as it is quite dated, but she did! She loved it and said she could hardly wait to play after school! Ohhhhh the memories! :) I think I'll keep my Marie Osmond doll in my bedroom for awhile, in case I want to play some myself!

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