Thursday, March 25, 2004

I'm having one of THOSE days. I had my annual performance review today. I should be doing a jig I guess, it says he is "very happy with all aspects of my performance," and I got a raise! ...but I also got a load for my 'to do' list and 'objectives' for the coming year that today seem a bit daunting. Why is it that I can have a really good review and walk away from it feeling bad?! That just doesn't seem right. I guess it's because my mind keeps replaying the points we discussed. Why is it that the focus of these meetings always seems to be on small critical points or things you are still working on rather than the big picture and all the the things you've accomplished?! As I look back over the written evaluation now, I'm hard pressed to find much criticism at all, yet despite all the praise, I'm feeling a little criticized right now....maybe it's just my personality (big 'feeler' here!)... Ok, repeat after me...'everything does NOT have to be perfect'!...(sigh)

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