Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This is not even fair!

From Dr. Diaz

Aspartame Strikes Again!
Stellman SD, st al. Prev Med 1986;15:195-202.

This study looked at weight change over a one year period in a group of 78,694 women aged 50-69 years who were enrolled in a prospective mortality study. Artificial sweetener use increased body weight and decreased with age. Artificial sweetener users were significantly more likely than non-users to gain weight, regardless of their initial weight. There was no significant difference between the users and non-users in food consumption patterns leading us to propose that something on or caused by the sweetener itself, possibly the increased release of insulin, could be causing the weight gain.

There is something wrong with a world where a diet soda promoted as having 'no calories' can actually make you gain weight! I guess this tells the rest of the story....

I know, I know...drink more water (64 - 80 ounces a day...minimum!) Last night I measured out how many water bottles a day that is for me. Yikes...I'm not even close?!!

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