Sunday, March 21, 2004

Today, I got a card from my daughter, for no apparent reason... :) As we were leaving to go grocery shopping, I found it on my purse. It said:

"Mom, I think you are ...I love you!"

Talk about making my day?!! Amanda is such a wonderful daughter:) I was especially touched as she used some of her 'Lizzie' stickers on my card! Lizzie is a big deal, and those stickers are used most judiciously!

Lizzie is, of course, Lizzie McGuire from the Disney series and the recent movie by that same name. Amanda loves Lizzie...she isn't obsessed but she really enjoys the show, and she looks up to Hillary Duff, the actress who plays Lizzie. I don't mind. I remember feeling that way about certain shows/actresses/singers when I was Amanda's age. I especially remember looking up to Valerie Bertinelli from One Day at a Time. I probably was worse than Amanda though...I wanted to BE Valerie Bertinelli. Amanda is content to think Hillary/Lizzie is cool. She enjoys the things they have in common but doesn't try to be her because she thinks being herself is more cool than trying to be someone else...(my child's a genius!)

As far as a role model, I think Lizzie is pretty one's perfect, but I do see a number of good values/lessons portrayed. Lizzie is a regular girl...she has an annoying brother and a couple of true blue friends. She's not one of the 'popular' girls, and she won't sell out her friends to be one. She's a little clutsy, but generally tries her best. Her parents love her and are actively involved in her life, even when it's not always cool...and deep down Lizzie loves that. I give cudo's to Disney when they made The Lizzie McGuire Movie for not changing her on her trip to Rome...and when she steps out of line...there are consequences from her parents in the end.

Hillary Duff, the actress who plays Lizzie, has now released her first solo cd...which Amanda got for Christmas, so we've listened to it alot... True some of the songs are pretty simple, but I'm refreshed to not find anything questionable in the lyrics. The most controversial lyrics on the cd are: "If you can't do the math, then get out of the equation..." (It makes me giggle to hear Amanda sing that!) Zellers has also recently issued a line of clothing by Hillary (Stuff by Duff)'s cool to see that she tells girls they don't have to show alot of skin to be stylin'...

I think it's important to know who our kids admire and what they are watching and listening may not always be my taste, but I think it's important not to ridicule their interests and to use both the positives and negatives as places to begin discussion. Amanda's only 9 now, but I hope that this discussion continues well into her teen years...and I hope she still thinks her mom is "cool" enough to talk about things with:)

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