Sunday, March 07, 2004

Tea with Thee

This morning, I had tea with God.

Before I was a wife and a mother, I used to do this very regularly as part of my devotion time. I would get my tea tray ready, with a proper teapot and teacup (of course!), perhaps light some candles, have my Bible nearby, and have tea with God as I talked with Him and read His word. When I shared that I did this with others, some would just smirk and shake their heads, but some Alana, my dear dear friend and kindred-tea-spirit! Alana is like a sister to me (well even more than that!) I think she understood, and she even made me a tea cloth for such occasions...cross-stitched with a beautiful teapot, roses and the inscription, "Tea with Thee".

Since getting married, there hasn't been much time for Tea with Thee. Oh yes, I still spend time with God, but carving out that time is much more of a challenge, so I don't usually have the extra moments for the tea part.

I loveeeee tea! Something about it just warms me up and makes me smile. My Great Auntie Bammy was the first to give me tea when I was just a little girl, and it was always in a china teacup with cream and sugar....mmmm. Just thinking about a cup of tea makes me feel so cared for.

I guess that's why Tea with Thee is so special to's a nurturing time of pouring out to God and being filled up...of not always talking , but sometimes just being ...just enjoying being in each other's presence and sipping on tea.

With my husband at work this morning and my daughter engrossed in a Disney movie, I was tempted to go and do a number of things around the house, and then He beckoned to me, "Come have tea with me..."

"Oh, I couldn't," I thought, "I have too much to do." I was hungry and walked to the kitchen, but nothing appealed to me. I thought about how much I'd love a scone right now (a food for which my loving husband and daughter have no appreciation!) And His voice said, "Yes, make scones, and come and have tea with me..."

So I did!

English Breakfast tea, on a lovely tray, with my tea cloth....triple berry scones (first time I've baked scones since I got married)....mmmm.....
and I rested in His presence sipping tea and nibbling on a scone, reading His word and listening...and...
...and He filled me as He always does...touching exactly what I was feeling so deep inside of me!

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