Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Today's the day! ....

The new Mary Engelbreit Home Companion hits the newstands today...I must make a mental note to pick one up on my way home from work! This is one of my few guilty pleasures...my husband and I have an agreement that he gets his new guitar magazine and I get my Home Companion when they come out every second month. Funny, when I was single, I didn't always let myself have it....but Les actually insists that I do! (good husband, eh?!!:)

I love the art of Mary Engelbreit! I love the whimsy, the use of colour...everything about it! It makes me smile! As I sit here writing this, one of my favourite Mary Engelbreit pieces is starring back at me....it's a little girl (resembling me a bit, I am told), with a big smile on her face, arms extended and it says 'Happy'. I saved the print from my desk calendar a few years ago and painted a Mary-inspired frame and easle for it. It now lives on my desk by my computer. I was also inspired to do some primitive stitchery with this...and there is an embroidered pillow in our family room as a result. (Can you tell that I like it?!)

Mary was originally inspired by her mother's vintage storybooks. There is a very fresh and innocent quality to what she does, and she draws alot from real life.

I love getting Mary's magazine...you really get your money's worth. In each issue she includes a new print (except at Christmas where she included a sheet of hand-drawn gift tags) and a sheet of paper dolls. The paper dolls are too cute! There's Anne Estelle and all her friends. My dolly, Amanda, now has a quite a collection (especially since Auntie Alana brought her the Victorian House Cutout Doll collection from Mary on a trip she took one summer!) The magazine is usually full of ideas and inspirations for artistic expression. There's lots of decorating and more. It's just a happy thought for me!

Here's another one of my favourite prints from Mary. It's called, "LIFE - Put your HEART in IT". Now doesn't that say it all?!! That's just how I feel! :)

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